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Monday, September 11, 2006

I dream of Pucci....or Steve Madden.....

Ooooo look at these boots!!!!!! They are so divine and amazingly gorgeous...each time I look at them I feel faint. If only I had a spare $750.00 sitting around. Geez. I always seem to have such expensive taste. Maybe I will settle for the Steve Maddens. I really, really want some boots this year. I have not had a pair for such a looooooooong time. I am a total shoe-a-holic too. If I was loaded I would almost be Imelda Marcos. I would definately have a rotating shoe showcase. Soooo cool. This weekend was a big one. Our daughter turned 5 on Wednesday so her party was this weekend at the beach. This is the 3rd Birthday party for her at the beach. It is a lot of fun and the beach is her favorite place in the whole wide world. She was bouncing off the walls excited and had a blast. Two of our closest friends moved to Portland this weekend too. They actually really already moved but yesterday was the closing day of their house and they had to be completely out. So we went over to say good-bye to the house and see you soon to them. I started crying and continued to cry after we left. I guess I just saved it up and it finally hit me. We will still see them because we adore them but I think there is a fear that the distance will cause harm or something. Many, many, many trips to Portland are in our future. We actually would like to move there too so maybe all those trips will help us get to know it better. All I know is we were walking around the park and beach, afterwards and I was crying and crying and crying. It was a bit overwhelming, like the flood gates let loose. I think all this time I was trying to be positive and strong for Kim and I really didn't stop to think about myself much. So we were at the playground and our daughter was being a bit fussy and then just a complete bummer so we left the playground to walk down to the beach. Well that was not a popular decision with a certain 5 year old so the fit began. Then I cut my foot. I was wearing flip flops and our daughter was really having a fit and my pinkie toe ran into the curb(the bumpy kind with rocks in it) and oooouch. Luckily I had a bandaid, some water and some tissue. Good times. I am exhausted and need to get way toooo much done. I already miss you Robby and Kim. I know what would make me feel boots :)!


Blogger Stephanie said...

Dawn! I found your blog through your etsy shop..your stuff continues to impress me! I want a squirrel and a walrus! Ack they are amazing!
p.s. I wrote about you in my new blog a few days ago about our trade waaaaay back when!

8:09 PM  
Blogger lookwhaticando said...

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. That was super nice. Thanks for alllll the compliments. I have been watching your work too and it is wonderful and you have been very busy. Love Birch trees, apple tree onesie and Big Big city is AMAZING. If I could afford it I would buy it. I love your use of color. Thanks soooo much. I am going to check out your blog now.xo

11:49 AM  

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