Plush-a-holic's me Dawn from I am a self proclaimed Plush-a-holic soooo (meaning I love to make stuffed creatures and collect other handmade ones)I thought why not name my blog that. So I did. I will be sharing my thoughts, the works of other artists I think are amazing, tidbits about my family and my life and of course Plush creations (Love=Creatures) by myself and those that inspire me.

Monday, September 25, 2006

What a weekend of Family fun....

This weekend we went to the Puyallup Fair. It was a really fun day and we ran into a bunch of people we know which was unusual. I even ate some fair food... curly fries. Due to my super sensitive tummy I ususally stay away from fair food. My favorite part is always the chickens but I also loved watching Memphis on the canoe ride...she was sooooo happy. Her favorite part was the canoe ride and seeing some of her friends. Then we went for a long family walk and took some photos. This week I have a lot of wholesale orders to work on and I am hoping to refresh my shop and I am going to try and start the new life of Dawn. I must go to bed earlier...I must. No more staying up late sewing and watching talk shows. I also really need to organize my life. It is getting a little sloppy and is driving me batty. Happy Monday :). I for one am exhausted by the week's end...but in a good way.


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