Plush-a-holic's me Dawn from I am a self proclaimed Plush-a-holic soooo (meaning I love to make stuffed creatures and collect other handmade ones)I thought why not name my blog that. So I did. I will be sharing my thoughts, the works of other artists I think are amazing, tidbits about my family and my life and of course Plush creations (Love=Creatures) by myself and those that inspire me.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Did anyone say stuffing.....

So...I have almost completed my whsl order and all is almost right in the world. I only have 2 more left to sew, bios to write and photos to take. I photograph everything I make. I am still digging being an extreme homebody and I have to say I am a little afraid I like it a bit too much. Very weird for me to realize. I bet it's just a phase. Etsy has been giving me some trouble but it sure looks nice.'s super duper late and I must rest now although I wish I could just keep sewing and check more things off my ever growing crazy list.....xoxo Thanks for all the compliments and encouragment. I appreciate it very much. :)


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