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Thursday, June 12, 2008

My new Wubbie monster Wilkie

Our little man is 8 weeks old.

So...I am slowly getting things done but mostly I am taking care of Soren. Life is really, really great and I am doing my best to get my creative energy going...must get more sleep.

Just a quick hello...oh by the way...tomorrow Ashley Goldberg will be at her opening at Schmancy!!!! Amazing....I feel like I have known her for ages but we have never met in real life...I can't wait to meet her and Drew. Plus the show looks is Ashley and Bisbee Stitches....and it called Pens and Needles...such a great I heart Kristen...the master mind behind Plush You and of course Schmancy....I'm taking the whole fam with me so it will be an early night but we all need a little inspiration and art in our lives!!!

Also it is Creature Comfort's 1 year Birthday Giveaway go and check it out. Ez is amazing and her blog is too....I LOVE seriously get over there and check it all out....xoxo


OpenID flurogoddess said...

Oh Soren looks so grown up for 8 weeks. He's so precious!

1:10 AM  
Blogger Artsy Momma said...

I am loving that onesie where did you get it from?

7:29 AM  

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