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Monday, December 08, 2008

Urban Craft Uprising was a lot of fun...but it was too short

Arriving at Urban Craft Uprising...oh how I love it so.

Got these babies on super markdown from

Both of us have new boots on...

Amazing work...I had to have this guy..Only$10.00 from Wonder Thunder

Dad and Lad...

Killer plush star pins from Malia Peoples

We went to Urban Craft Uprising this Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I felt left out not selling but can't do it all all the time. It was super great and there was ALOT I wanted to buy...but I restrained. We had fun and that's what matters. Even Soren likes it. Saw the gorgeous Kristen and Mucho. Also saw Coco of Softlife and one of her lovely children. Wish I would have taken more photos but hey...I was a bit on the H.O. side from Jason's work party the night before. What can I say...I don't get out much. That too was super fun. About...ooooh 1600 or so people...that's all. His company is BIGish. I wore a crazy teal top with a black mini, red tights and super pointy high heels. It was so fun....I did not take a photo of myself...bummer...or Jason...oh well. I suck in the photo dept right now...I did get called not what I needed to hear...actually made me shed a few tears and then I got it together. Soren is only 7 months old and I wanted to look good not Elfen.


Anonymous meg said...

a. i'm sure they meant elfin in the "you are one hot elfin mama" kind of way. i'm pretty positive you can't look otherwise.
b. i love "dad and lad". too cute.

10:39 AM  
Blogger april said...

aw man, elfin is TOTALLY a compliment!!! I love it when people call me elfin! elves are the most beautiful mythical creatures! totally magical! and HOT! oh yeah, I said it.

also, Memphis is so stylish! I love her polka dots on polka dots outfit!

12:04 PM  

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