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Friday, December 19, 2008

X-mas trees in my shop tomorrow...sometime in the Morn...

A few (two to be exact) are promised to part of my swap to her....I will find out tomorrow which ones she loves and then the others will be in the shop in the Morn....Sorry for the delay...I am crazed as USUAL...I am not even going to get started with how crazed but I am crazed. I am seriously loosing it at this point. Last week Memphis went to School 2 hours late Monday and Tuesday and was off the rest of the week for snow. Although very fun...I have gotten almost nothing done....but fun is the most important thing. Next year my new motto will be 'Live the life you imagine'....I saw it on Tricia's Flickr and I have seen and heard it before(david thoreau) but Tricia's flickr reminded me....the only problem I foresee is that I have a VERY large imagination and I have to say the life I imagine is a lot bigger than the one I have...for instance...I would live in a 4 bedroom home that was at least 16oo square would have an upstairs and an attic and a detached garage. It would be an older would have a modest but private yard...I would drive a Audi all sport (wagon of course) would be silver...I would have more time to create...I would travel to sunny locations and to forested home would be in a quiet neighborhood with other children...I would not watch much TV...I would exercise a lot...I would eat more fruit...I would relax...I would not lose it or stress.... you can imagination is very large and I did just stop myself there...I could have kept going....I would now like to share some cool things I have seen/found on the interweb...
Erin's Quilt..I just Die....I die when I see it
Amy Arnold's dolls....I have LOVED them forever but my favorite one is on SALE!!! Oh life you are cruel...of course I can not get it but...why did I have to see this?
These pants for love love
I love this Lesport Sac back it
This ginger bread person....brilliant
These beautiful cookies...
This gorgeous collection of work...
These adorable bears
I could keep going...but time is running out....See ya tomorrow...I hope


Blogger Kristy said...

I have been frantically checking your etsy every five minutes since I saw these.I must have one.Must.Must.Must! I think if I say that enough it'll happen! x

3:44 AM  
Anonymous heidi said...

these trees are beautiful! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!

6:44 AM  
Blogger house on hill road said...

you are so sweet, dawn.
those trees are awesome. so so great!

6:27 PM  
Blogger andrea said...

I love our xmas tress! Especially the ones with the mustaches. I hope I see you tromping through the snow today!
Miss you! xoxoxo

10:35 AM  

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