Plush-a-holic's me Dawn from I am a self proclaimed Plush-a-holic soooo (meaning I love to make stuffed creatures and collect other handmade ones)I thought why not name my blog that. So I did. I will be sharing my thoughts, the works of other artists I think are amazing, tidbits about my family and my life and of course Plush creations (Love=Creatures) by myself and those that inspire me.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Plaid and stripes for day of color week....waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Part of an amazing package we rec'd from of my biggest supporters...many in the handmade plush world adore her but I doubt they do as much as I do!!!!! More on this package later :) very first color week comes to a hoo...I might just do my own again next really inspired me to see what is around my take daily photos (already do that...but of different stuff) and it was just so fun....Thanks soooo much Leya!!! I also love striped socks like Meg & Amy but am not wearing any today....sick today and so is Memphis...she had to stay home from school...has a fever, sore throat...39 kids were out sick today at her school...that's 10% of the school population....geezzzz....anywho...gotta run...sick kid to keep happy :) For more amazing photos from color week check out Leya's blog...Curious Bird!!


Blogger leya said...

thanks so much for joining in, dawn.
your photos are wonderful. love all of soren's stripey shirts.

7:16 PM  

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