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Friday, August 21, 2009

Worth Mentioning.....a new feature on my blog

My DREAM couch has been comes it white or brown and we would go for white....I love it. It is also a sleeper couch...I found it on 2Modern's website....I'm deep in love!

Stumbled on this little beauty at Allybu

Gorgeous installations from Kaarina Kaikkonen...Kristina mentioned her over at Karkovski...

I am in LOVE with the work of Mette

Kitchen photo of house we are considering...needs some makes it look alot better.
Also has world's smallest fridge and I am not a fan of black appliances but our price range means we have to have a lot of VISION....fingers crossed...

So the house search continues....we have a house we are considering...and like I said it needs A LOT of love but we can do it. Not my perfect dream house but could be pretty close. We went and looked again last night and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack...looking at all the work that would lie ahead makes my head spin, but alas that is our lot in life as we did not go forth and conquer the world and make our millions and we were definitely not born into money and as I have said before we have nobody to help us out so much VISION is required when looking for our first home. I go thru periods of much excitement and fear. I am beyond excited to FINALLY decorate, fix, transform a space of our very own. I can not believe that in our very near future this may actually happen but I am starting to and that is an amazing feeling. Like most things in our lives so far if it is worth while we have put much work into getting it. I am feeling very positive and inspired so fingers crossed we will have a chance.

Been thinking a bunch about my bloggy blog and I have come up with some new ideas.
Worth Mentioning Wednesday(and will be on Wednesdays) will hopefully be a regular thing. I will take time to find some cool things or at least share some thoughts. I still have to do a bunch of updates on my blog roll and I would love a header on my blog but don't know I have been waiting for my husband to help.

BTW....Plush You is just around the corner and this year I plan on helping as much as I can...

This weekend is busy as plans with Ma, brother and his family...and I get to meet up with the fabulous Ambika!! I am asking her for first time home buyer tips as she and her man have a beautiful new home of their own... Happy Thursday everyone :)


Anonymous ambika said...

I forgot to mention and your pic made me remember...we had a smaller than average fridge (half busted and at least 15-20 years old) that we had to replace pretty quickly. We realized b/c of the cupboard above it that were were seriously limited to 2-3 models--most fridges were taller than that cupboard would allow. Ben ended up ripping it out because he was so adamant about the style he wanted.

It was so great to see you! We'll have to do it again.

10:28 AM  

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